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"they've completely won me over...............and the rms11 is a steal"

Paul Messenger, HiFi+ iss99

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For better quality, reliabilty and value for money

Putting together a perfectly matched, reasonably priced hi-fi system has always been a challenge. So when we decided to manufacture loudspeakers RMS11a picture of a white active speakerwe wanted to offer great value for money and make the entire system  as small as possible. That meant active systems because in an active system we can design the amplifier to match the driver and put it all in one box. Less manufacturing expense for us, less boxes in your home and better value for you. A matched system is a better system - with the added bonus of not requiring expensive loudspeaker cables.

Our loudspeakers are fully active – this means that we split and then amplify the input signal, in each enclosure, using a  amplifier designed for each driver i.e. 4 amps, 4 loudspeaker drivers – you will have a totally matched system in two boxes. More work for us but much better performance for you. Why is it better than a passive system?

As it was.

Back in the day, a good hi-fi system typically comprised of a CD player, an amplifier and a pair of loudspeakers, ideallly all made by the same manufacturer. However, as it was impossible for the manufacturer to ensure that only complete systems were sold, the amplifier would often be expensively over-engineered to accommodate any eventual load placed on them.

Generally (except for some of  the most expensive) hi-fi and home entertainment systems have used passive loudspeakers. Conversely, active loudspeakers are the standard for the professionals in recording and film studios where the requirements are for highly accurate loudspeakers that reproduce the subtleties and dynamics of the original performance.

What has changed?

Recent years have seen significant changes in the way in which we buy, store and listen to music. More music than ever is being listened to, a lot of it on the move but in our homes, as well as  IPods and MP3 players we are just as likely to be streaming from  the internet, computers, a server or NAS drive.

With the much wider range of sources now available, the desire to have your music collection in more rooms throughout your home and the quality of digital music files increasing dramatically we need systems which are easy to use, easy to install and able to showcase this increased quality. Therefore, It makes more sense than ever to install what has been described as the most efficient transducer available, the active loudspeaker, to install an in-expensive British hi-fi system wherever you need your musicA Morgan System.  An active loudspeaker, as the professionals have long recognised, produces a better sound, at a higher acoustic level, over an extended range whilst offering better value for money.

How is this possible?

Because it’s engineered as a system, with the synergy of crossover, amplification and driver designed into one box, it is possible for us to design an active loudspeaker as a completely matched system whilst at the same time passing on the manufacturing savings to you. Better product, more reliable product, better price.


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"An active loudspeaker, as the professionals have long recognised, produces a better sound, at a higher acoustic level, over an extended range whilst offering better value for money"

Phase Linearity

"I designed the 11s & 15s to be phase linear, which means that the woofer and tweeter cones are synchronised, greatly enhancing the dynamic impact of the speaker"

  Robin Stephens

Active advantages

The main advantages claimed for active over passive are:

  • Better performance
  • Easier to set up
  • Better value for money
  • More efficient design
  • No loudspeaker cables to buy
  • Less in-room clutter
  • More reliable


Passive advantages

The main advantages claimed for passive are:

  • Easier to upgrade
  • Lighter